Friday, July 31, 2009

Beauty is...having fun with friends...

So I'm a chicken. I am letting beautiful people intimidate me. Beautiful people who may or may not have any substance.

External beauty often does not translate into much more. And besides, what is it that makes that beauty? Perfection? Is that what is really beautiful? Fear of using your body at all because of what might mar it? Spending my days perfecting or trying to preserve my skin, body, plastic surgery, chemically treated hair, etc? Not able to get dirty? Wrapping up my existence in my looks, attracting the opposite sex (okay, I might think about this more than I should), fashion, collecting material things, drinking and possibly other recreational drugs?

Remind me all that I have said here when I am feeling so incredibly inferior while out at one of the hip, show off your latest Botox bars at the marina tonight. Remind me that I have nothing to be intimidated by because LO AND BEHOLD I actually like who I am and know what activities I enjoy. Oh and why, do you ask, am I going at all? Because one of those activities I enjoy is laughing and, yes gossiping, with my girlfriends and that is where the girls will be tonight. Maybe next time we can do it at The Rathskeller or Scotty's!

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