Saturday, October 23, 2010

Android! Bazinga!

Yeah, I used that as one of my Facebook status updates this week and I enjoyed it so much that I want to use it again.
I got my first smartphone this week. I got my last phone right before the smartphones became all the rage for normal peeps on Verizon (not just people who can't separate themselves from work). I resisted for this long because I did NOT want to become someone who is constantly checking their work email on their phone.
So I got my android phone - I'm not a fan of the blackberry keyboard.
I got a phone on the low end of the smartphone spectrum, but I'm okay with that...I'm just getting warmed up!
I already have a few favorite basic apps that have made having this phone easier:

Application Killer - I know most people already know this, but I had to figure out what the heck it was and how/when to use it.
Battery Widget - very useful to see how much battery you are using.
SlideIT Keyboard - this thing is so much fun. I'm in awe of its intuitiveness.
Chomp SMS - easier to read text mssaging
Shop Savvy - barcode scanner - whooooo!
Weather Channel widget

I've also already used my Flixster when we went to see Expendables last night. And FTR, that movie had about 6 minutes of plot and 90 minutes of killing people with maximum blood loss and firepower. Zero character development - but Jason Statham is hot. I have a thing for men with accents - Jason Statham, Clive Owen, Gerard Butler.

Since I'm way off the subject now, I'll wrap things up. Later, Taters.

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