Monday, December 27, 2010

Yay Christmas!

I had a really great holiday season this year and felt the need to share a little about it. Last year was a little tough on us - it was my first year with Annyka at her dad's for Christmas since he's in Ohio now; I was sick all of December so I felt like an exhausted pile of crap at every event I went to and it was just a little stressful.

This year was a lot of fun. Everything didn't go the way I had hoped (we didn't get to spend much time with Lauren), but everything was fun and I feel loved. We had good food; I laughed a lot with my family and the families of my loved ones; everyone enjoyed their presents.

Annyka got new clothes, a scooter, a bike, CDs and various doll-type accessories that she's so fond of. Wilson got more cars and Bakugans than any boy needs, but he's been playing with them all weekend so he's happy AND he slept in his room last night with the lights off except for his new race car light - SUCCESS! I have fuzzy socks for everyday of the week (SCORE!), a fantastic new toothbrush (here's to my health!) and some money to spend on myself (even if it does end up being on things I NEED rather WANT). I got a whole week to spend fun times with Annyka - sleeping in, going shopping, visiting the zoo, eating out, etc and we all got to snuggle into our warm comfy house together as a family each night.

It has been a rough year - eh, year and a half - for me, but I'm feeling good right now. Things seem to be on an upswing and I'll drink to that...or not, but you get my drift.

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