Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cleaning out the ol' liver

I started a detox "protocol" recommended by my chiropractor this week. It's not been all that difficult and I've having few side effects - you would think I would be happy about that. But it's kind of like pregnancy - if there's no morning sickness is it really happening? Some of the side effects she warned me about were headaches, nausea, fatigue, excessive sweating. Yeah, I'm a little tired, but a) that's my norm and b) I seem to be having a parotitis flare-up on the right side right now so that could also be causing that. PLUS I did start working out about 10 days ago too so of course I might be a little more exhausted than normal.

Or maybe it just means that I'm not as toxic as some (I doubt that with all the crap food I ate over the summer). I am doing well with this week's non-crap food though. My diet has largely been from Trader Joe's. Fruit about 3x a day (that's a lot of fruit for a veggie lover like me); eating every 3ish hours. I tried steelcut oatmeal this morning with blueberries. It was edible. Lunch is sliced chicken on a whole wheat mini bagel with homemade guac. Tonight looks like it'll be veggie and black bean quesadilla - light on the "quesa" part for me.

In related news, the methotrexate should arrive this week. I haven't decided if I will take it this coming weekend or wait until next weekend after the detox is over. We don't have any plans this weekend so that may be a good time for me to be exhausted in bed from the meds and next weekend is Scott's birthday, but I don't really want to screw up the detox. I'll think on it for a bit.

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