Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love me...day 2

I realized something last night. It's not so much a body image issue that I have. When I look in the mirror, I don't dislike what I see. I'm actually pretty comfortable with myself naked. What I struggle with, is how my clothes fit me. I hate the way they look on me. The way they pull in certain places and are tight in others.

But I'm not quite sure how to fix it just yet. I did my "balance trainer" workout today so maybe that will help...but maybe it won't. Maybe I'll feel stronger and healthier, but my body won't change. Then what? Maybe it's like pregnancy where you might wear the same size as before, but your body is a different shape. I guess we'll just see.

Me and Lucky Cat are going to hang out and watch some TIVOed shows. As Annyka makes me say every night: "I love you; See you in the morning; Good night."

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