Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love & stuff ... Day 10

I gave myself a Bare Minerals makeover this evening. No way can I spend a half hour on my makeup every morning (I'm not sacrificing sleep for that!), but it does look good and I think it'll be pretty easy to use once I get the hang of it. Of course, I also don't have to use every product every day like I did today either.

So here's before...this is my normal every day no-makeup me (at about 7 pm):


And here is me after Bare Minerals foundation, eye color, mascara and lipstick


I don't really want to admit how much better I look ... I know I look tired everyday, but I don't want to be someone who has to "put my face on" to go out. I live a far too active life for that crap. So now, like everything else in my life, I look for the balance.

Oh, and just for's is a picture of the wild kiddo in her after-school outfit - shorts, tank top and leg warmers and coat on top for outside playing. She was pretending to be a cheerleader and for reason she was cheering for Kentucky. Her dad would be proud.


  1. Hi Nikki.

    I am an IMLM (graybranmom). I just wanted to comment that I have the same thoughts about body image and clothes that you blogged about on Feb 15. I don't per say HATE my body... I, like you, feel pretty comfortable with my nekkid body in the mirror. BUT, clothes for some reason don't fit me right? Jeans are also a big frustration for me... I don't like to "feel" my jeans around my waist, I like for them to be loose. But that means that my bottom and legs are swimming in the jeans if I get them to fit the way I want around my waist. And then there's my short little legs???? So I have a mommy belly, no rear to speak of, and short, skinny little legs. I feel like a chicken sometimes lol. Anyway, just wanted to say you are not alone! Perhaps it is time for me to stop shopping the Juniors section, where the Small shirts could fit my 3 year old, and even the XL would fit maybe a 10 year old??? BUT,navigating the "Womens" section is so daunting to me... I don't want to look like a member of the Red Hat Club, so finding trendy but appropriate togs is difficult.

    Good Luck with your exercising regime. If nothing else, it feels so good to wake up with sore muscles and know there's some change going on within.

    And lastly, I think we all hit a time in life where make-up becomes not optional. I used to be a bare face beauty, but in my old age (mid-30's lol) I am finding that I feel prettier with a bit of eye make-up, mascara, a touch of blush, and maybe a lip stain. I don't wear it everyday, but it seems that when I am headed out in public, it does cross my mind to do a little pampering. The fun of getting older!

  2. It Came! It Came!
    I didn't know your bare minerals order had arrived yet! I love ordering things online, etc. just so I can get excited when they come in the mail. Perhaps a pen pal would be a more economical way to go?

    Either way...s'lovely!

  3. Nikki - hey, it's me, Michelle! I have to side with Scott... and side with you, too! You look wonderful in both pics. And I also use BM so I know what you mean! It's pretty amazing stuff! You'll get faster & faster with your application & you'll find that you might be able to do most of your 30 minute routine in less than 10 minutes!