Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So I failed...

I made some grand promises to blog regularly blah blah blah....and I failed at that. However, I have been doing a good job of being a more affectionate girlfriend some of the time. I had no idea how much more busy I would be at work and how that would affect my non-work time.
I am so exhausted at the end of the day right now that I barely make it Annyka's bedtime before I'm crashing. So I've done a poor job of a) blogging and b) working out. And now I'm awake and anxious at 4 am and hoping that a little blog therapy will help me get another hour or so of sleep. Some thoughts this early am:
* I need to get back into the habit of daily (or at least 5 or so days a week) cardio. And not just working out in my basement. I NEED that alone time running, swimming or biking to decompress now more than ever. When I'm dreaming about work and reports, it's not a good thing.
* I want to use some of my tax money (whenever I get it...still waiting...) to make a little home office upstairs. I think it would help me feel a little more in control of the work, but I also need to put a room divider up between the office area and sleeping area so theres no crossover.
* I'm also ready to get this tax money back (and it's pretty hefty this year) so I can fence the yard, pay for my summer vacation and pay back myself and my mom for money I've borrowed out of their accounts while waiting for this money. GRRRRR. I HATE owing money (even when it's just to my own savings accounts). Oh, and of course, pay off medical bills, per usual for my life these days,
* My cat is so happy I was awake at 4 am so I could let him in from the rain. Silly cat.

Okay, going to go attempt sleep again. See you on the flip side.

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