Thursday, April 28, 2011

Looking fit and feeling fine

Day 11 of the 30-day shred....almost half way there and I started level 2 today. Woot. and by "woot" I mean, holy crap I'm going to hurt tomorrow.
Today I saw a profile of myself in a window reflection and I thought...hmm my stomach looks a little tighter. It made me stand up a little straighter and pull those abs in. So I'm seeing a difference and feeling stronger.
Now I have two choices. Enjoy where I am and just keep it up. OR I can weigh myself and/or take my measurements and try to quantify what I feel. I'm torn because I know it can backfire. What if I haven't lost any weight. If I find out I didn't lose weight or inches, I may feel defeated and discouraged again and just give up - why bother working so hard when it doesn't matter anyway. Should it matter if I've lost weight? I feel better; I'm eating better; I have more confidence. Is that enough to carry me forward and keep going? Or do I need to be able to tell people "I lost X pounds"?
I'm definitely leaning towards waiting until the 30 days is up.

1 comment:

  1. Since you're motivated and feeling good, keep it up and don't weigh yourself. Muscle weighs more than fat and just in case you haven't lost pounds, why invite the possibility of disappointment?