Friday, April 15, 2011

Trying again...

I'm going to get back on track...I'm going to eat well and workout and very carefully track my results for the next few months. I really feel like something is still not right in my body, but it's hard to prove it to my doctor if I've been lazy about doing my part of taking care of me. It's getting nice now and despite my red, swollen, itchy eyes and constant coughing and sneezing (thanks a lot, pollen); I'm itching (pardon the pun) to get out and workout outside. I want to run, do strength and speed drills (speed ha!) and bike. I want to swim too, but we're not quite for ready for that outside!
So, it's time. This weekend is it. I'm not sure why its so hard for me to get started this time. I've done this before. I've started from scratch and I DID IT! But I've also failed and that's what must be holding me back this time. It's really tough to come out of this hole and say "I do have some control. I can make my body do things that I want it to do." Wish me luck.

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